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Benefits to your business

Using conventional established payment methods, such as VISA or Paypal, most business owners have experienced fraudulent chargebacks, resulting in irreversible loss of revenue. With STRAKS this is a thing of the past. Once a payment has been sent and received it is no longer reversible by the payment provider. This gives the business owner full autonomy to analyse and determine when a legitimate claim has been made. Transactions can be manually reversed at the vendor’s discretion.

With integrated SegWit and Lightning Network, combined with fast 60-second block times, STRAKS payments are swift and immediate. This allows STRAKS to rival even the most established payment methods in the industry, without the need for third party facilitators.

STRAKS is much more than just another payment provider. Integrating STRAKS as a payment solution will give your business immediate access and exposure to a new and rapidly growing audience. You are guaranteed exposure across all STRAKS communication channels. This increases your brand awareness, possibly resulting in more customers and sales.

Conventional established payment methods often carry high transaction fees, diminishing your margin, making it tougher to compete. With STRAKS there are absolutely no fees to any business accepting the currency for payment. It is completely free, with no hidden fees, for businesses to utilise. Only a nominal fee is added to the end-user when a transaction is made.

The STRAKS team is at your full disposal to assist in integrating STRAKS payments to your business. This is a free service that the STRAKS team provides to all potential business partners. If you would like to hear more, contact us today.


The use of crypto-currencies has become more widespread, and they are now increasingly accepted as a legitimate currency for transactions.


While it is not a requirement, a locally encrypted STRAKS wallet provides you with heightened security, privacy and reliability, as you are not reliant on a third party provider. In essence, this makes you your own bank.